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Back after one month unplugged from the matrix. My path and where Im at for 2019


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My first post in nearly a month, what a journey it has been! Some of you will remember at the end of last year I was struggling with a lot of physical pain, and finally I took off to Puttaparthy 800Km away where I was treated physically and emotionally and enjoyed incredible support from My X-inlaws.. I then visited the Earthship Yoga Ashram in Rishikesh for the first time since it was completed. This was one my first Earthship workshops, that has now come to fruition and I joined Yogi Amitram for 11 days with a very small and intimate group of 4 people during a meditation retreat. It was food for the soul, and any remaining aches and pains were soothed into oblivion, despite the cold temperatures and uncomfortable bed.

Finally, to contrast this pure and beautiful experience I spent the last two weeks of 2018 in Goa visiting old friends including the infamous Steem poker No1 player @bubke. We all enjoyed CHristmas together at their new home, after they finally moved on from where I still live in Kodaikanal, India. We all finished the year at one of my favourite beaches and places in the world, Om Beach, Kudli, Gokarna. From freezing cold days and nights and simple satvic eating I shifted to roasting hot palm filled beaches, golden silky sand and warm playful seas. I ate the freshest fish, and met and spent time with some new faces from all around the world. A good party was also had in a spa behind the beach, including a huge pool and good DJ to make everything swing.

I had a very good time in all the ways possible, and am now back At Earthship Karuna pulling everything back together and making my plans for this new year.

During this past month i have been almost totally unplugged from the internet, and even quit Facebook totally, which wasn't hard.. I have also been absent from Steemit, and have basically unplugged myself from the internet and the world. This has been a process that has has been going on for some time, and right now I am in a very new place with myself and my relation to the world,. I have also made a shift in the way I wish to interact with it, and have this year decided to pull back from most of the things I used to do, and instead go inward. From the internet i am headed to the innernet.

Last year I have had my fare share of debates and even arguments on topics that I feel are really important. I have also spent hours and years of my life promoting sustainable building and living, always working hard to get the word out and encourage others to take a step in a new direction. What I have come to realise now is that I dont have to try to bring the changes in the world I need to see in the form of dialogue and the Internet and Steem etc. .. I now realise that I can reach everyone from the innernet, and through our grid of consciousness, because we are all connected.

So the changes I am making this year are very important to me, and will change the way I view the world and relate to it. I feel like I am now starting to witness, just watch it happen, from a distance. I no longer want to engage with the game that is life in the modern world. The real gifts that await me are inside. Inner peace is what I will discover now, and i believe I am finally ready to let go of everything so that I can find it. I have committed to meditating every day at 5:30am, and am going to just live a beautiful simple solitary lifestyle whilst I delve deep into the seas of my soul and see the world from the inside out. I dont need discussion or promotion, I dont want money, I dont want fame.. I just want to know the real truth and lives beyond ALL the bullshit and distraction i see around me.

SO, i wiill not be posting very much, but I will post when the feeling takes me, when I have something that I want to share. For the rest, Ill see you in dreamtime!

Have a beautiful 2019 all of my Steem family & friends!
i love you all!


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