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Sweet potato toast with a lotta ricotta


8 months agoSteemit

So I have been wanting to try sweet potato toast (all the cool kids are doing it) and darned if it isn't quite tasty. Find a really big yam or sweet potato, cut it in quarter inch planks and toast it in your toaster until it is fork tender. Let it cool for a minute (makes it crispier) then top it. The one on the bottom has ricotta cheese and some homemade garden relish. The one on the top is ricotta cheese with a hard poached egg and sandwich sprinkle. Yum.

We don’t usually have ricotta cheese in the frig but @preparedwombat made lasagna for dinner last night and it was mighty fine. Got a lotta ricotta to use up? I recommend sweet potato toast.F1BD5232-CDEC-4B0F-B1B0-296FCC227D75.jpeg


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