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DTube gets new colors!


4 months agoSteemit2 min read

Time has come to unveil DTube’s new logo that foreshadows the launch of an exciting new version of DTube.

We would like to dedicate very warm congratulations to @albanlaurent, who brought this new design to life with a very professional and artistic approach.

We wanted to take the time to elaborate a deeper reflexion on brand values, positioning and colors, so as to create a strong and unique brand identity.

New logo in the making

We have been working on a new logo for the past month. Just a quick history:

v1: August 2017

v2: January 2018

Artistic process

First @albanlaurent tried many different approaches and unleashed the creative beast. It ended up with 3 graphics tracks

Route #1: Add, record, like, share, focus

*Route #2: Cryptocurrency & community *

Route #3: Evolution & Player

Navy blue and soft red

After many debates, we decides to choose route #1 with 2 colors to determine new DTube’s identity: “Navy Blue” soothes and reassures new users and “Uni Red” dot represents the famous camera”s “rec” signal, right in line with the platform’s video focus.


From this route, many different versions were drafted, with a lot of debates around the upper or lower case “D”

And finally ...

Discover the new logo that made a full unanimity from the team:

The new DTube logo

Mobile Apps and Favicon

We know a lot of you would have loved to participate in the design process through a community event but we felt we needed to keep it simple as design appreciation is very highly subjective. However, feel free to give your opinion on other variants as a comment below!

We really hope you will enjoy this new identity, if you like to use the new design, feel free to download the media kit in the About page:

Stay tuned, a new crazy update is coming!
The DTube team

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