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A short update on DSTRA


6 months ago2 min read

As you know we value the transparency, so even if you do not see us around it does not mean that the project is abandoned. We're simply focused on moving forward (and also please remember that we all are humans - we also have to find balance with RL jobs, share some time with families, etc.).  So to build some further trust a short update where we stand now and what's in the pipeline right now:

A) Exchanges/partnerships/listings:

- Since we've been added to a CMC as "untracked listing", we've submitted DSTRA to two CMC-listed exchanges (one of them is Yobit, where we already tried to get listed and they were pretty much inactive that time); finally being on CMC opens new doors for us, but also it's critical for us to fulfil "missing conditions" for full trackable listing

- One partnership is being discussed and we're almost on the finish line ;)

B) AD status:

- Pending ones are calculated, I'm just missing the calculation of the last one

- Most likely we will change the rules a bit starting from the new AD to make it bit more challenging, so stay tuned 

C) Development:

- Mobile app: we're still searching for possibilities, as previous outsourced option "disappeared" (nothing was paid in advance luckly)

D) Others:

- We might be back to some bounties & games

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