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"Deepfocus" - Ambient Modular Synth Soundtrack


4 months agoSteemit2 min read

"Deepfocus" is one of my favorite electronic compositions from my time on the road with the travel case. Conceived in Seattle on a washed out spring day, I definitely felt like it was a bit of a breakthrough for me in terms of keeping the melodic elements extremely minimal without feeling incomplete. It was also one of my earliest and most successful outings with the Doepher bitcrusher and the steady introduction of pink noise (informed by the melodies present in the patch). I think noise elements like this are particularly crucial in minimal ambient work, as they enable a ton of soundscape without a introducing much melodic complexity. I also am really enjoying the semi-generative high lead and bell plucks, both of which are coming from the same e352 Cloud Terrarium digital oscillator in separate passes.

Enjoy and stay tuned. As I hit 10k SP I'm going to be starting an auto-curation program for Steemit musicians, populated by all the active musicians I recognize from my year and a half of music curation on the platform! If you are reading this and you regularly post to Dsound or make music related video content, you are probably already on the list!

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