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7 months agoBusy2 min read

Hey Everyone! dRAMA from the DRAMA Project here....

It seems we are experiencing a bit of DRAMATIC ABUSE.

It seems a couple of people from the KR community are issuing tokens to everyone who comments on their posts which does not seem very dramatic at all. I could be wrong, as I don't read or speak Korean.


To be fair @jaydih has been in contact with me on Discord pointing out that the drama project could be abused and he could just be making a point. However the upvotes have been removed from many of his comments and we are currently discussing how to limit those who would devalue DRAMA, by just passing it out willy-nilly! Such behavior will not be tolerated and I don't mind at all if that creates some drama! :)

While I can not revoke the DRAMA that has been issued, I can revoke the upvote.

This post serves as notice that the drama project reserves the right to blacklist abusive users and to revoke votes for curation where they are deemed non-dramatic!

Letting the fighting begin in the comment section.

Note to DRAMA holders: You know you have something valuable when people are thinking of ways to game the system.

Thank you Jaydih for pointing out a weakness in the model. It will be corrected! :)



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