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EmperorRotMK Campaign tips/review #10


11 months agoBusy4 min read

While playing this game I noticed many gaming tips and tricks that are posted on the internet, but there were no really helpful tips for completing the campaigns. Some of them can be really hard, even on very easy, and can take up many hours to even figure out.

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So here are some tips:

General tips:

  • Always start off slowly: do not rush any industry or agricultural buildings.
  • Start with a basic housing block, there are many different ways to do this so try each out till you get one you like. I prefer to do the one that you will see in each post. This is just a basic housing loop.
  • Improving buildings is key to getting max productivity in your town and will allow you to easily go into the agriculture phase.
  • Only once you have a steady sustainable flow of food into your housing blocks can you move over into the industrial phase.
  • Once in the industrial phase, start off slow by building only a few buildings as needed, better to keep your unemployment under 50 and have never have employees needed.
  • Once all of this is checked off it is time to start getting the trading and military going.
  • Always keep enough troops at base to defend it, once you have more armies than your enemy you will be able to demand trading and goods, if they refuse then a simple attack will make them bow down before you.

Campaign Tips

Screenshot (56).png

  • You start off in a city you have already built, this helps a lot, unless you built badly already

Screenshot (57).png

  • You want to select either the last hero at the bottom or the last one on the top. The bottom one will be needed to gather animals, once you got the animals in the palace you can move onto the other hero

Screenshot (58).png

  • You should have a high population from the previous round in this city. Thus building compounds with some houses will get you to the population you need.

Screenshot (59).png

  • Mencius, this hero will be important as he can bless the trading posts, this really helps as a lot of the trading stops when it turns read. By blessing the trading post this is prevented and you can trade at max prices.

Screenshot (60).png

  • This guy loves ceramics, so it will be a lot easier to get him into your city than the other heros.

Screenshot (61).png

  • You will need to have your hero at the trading posts to bless them, you probably will have a lot of goods that can't be sold, using this hero will help you out a lot fixing this problem.

Screenshot (62).png

  • It will flood, more than once, make sure to keep your buildings far away from the banks, the only buildings you should lose is the fishing huts.

Screenshot (63).png

Once again the monument you build is a pile of dirt. Not the most attractive building but make sure to get this constructed asap as it takes really long.


If you had to build a new city for this level it would be really difficult and would take you ages to complete. Nice part is that you still have everything from the previous city and it is like continuing the same city just with different objectives.

Fun: There is not much challenging about this level, you don't get attacked but the other cities do get angry. There is no real limitations to buildings and their upgrades, so you can easily make an army to abuse them. 7/10

Design: Map layout was really good. The flooding is way to big and there should really be a way to create overflows around the rivers. It also floods way to often in this level. 5/10

Interaction: No matter how hard you try to create alliances and good reputation with them you just end up getting frustrated as they are just never happy, even when you give them their needs. 1/10

Story: It really sounds like you will be getting attacked and will need to have allies against this enemy, but really there is no trouble. The story is a bit misleading and the objectives, mainly the animals, is really pointless to have in this level. 4/10

If you are looking to download this game check search GOG where you can download the game and it will work on your new windows pc or mac. You can also download it for free at a few places.lready


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