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Bounties on AltcoinsTalks VS. Bounties on Bitcointalk


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from admin on 26/09/2018:

It came to my attention that some Bitcointalk members are complaining to projects that giving Altcoins Talks members the same stake in the bounties is not fair. Thus this post is to explain the difference between both forums.


1- What is the objective of bounties ?

Bounties objective is to get as much exposure to the project as possible. Thus a bounty on ALTT is a must.

2- The ranking system in both forums, and what is the rank good for ?

The ranking system in both forums is different, but until recently it was very similar.
bitcointalk started with a normal ranking, then they started limiting the ranking up, then now with merit system they almost killed any opportunity to rank up for new users.
Altcoins Talks: has a normal ranking system, your rank grows as you contribute more, no tricks no catch ... On Altcoins Talks however we have another criteria for contributions, the post count only increases when a certain criteria in the post is met, thus shitty short replies and posts are not counted. Here on ALTT we also have more ranks, we have more ranks in between and we have 2 ranks higher than legend.
For an ICO or project : the rank is good for signature exposure, the higher the rank the more contribution the member did, thus the more exposed will be the signature. But in a merit based system the amount of contribution is no longer relevant, thus the exposure is no longer a factor in ranks in btt. For Altt the rank is still linked to amount of contribution thus signature exposure is still relevant.

3- Signature is an ad, so what's the difference between both forums ?

They say an image is better than a 1000 words ! that's why on ALTT we allow both image and gif signatures. We think asci art has a lot of limitations for explaining or presenting a project, thus we advise you to use image or even gif for your signatures on our forum. But of course ascii signatures are accepted as well.

4- Multiple accounts & Account farms.

On Btt it is easy to signup for multiple accounts, you do not even need an email for that, accounts are not verified by email / on Altt we verify the emails, and we block any fishy email providers, thus to have multiple accounts on our forum you need multiple valid emails.
Then on our forum we actively hunt for multiple accounts, bots and farm accounts, we lable them or disable them! on BTT nothing of this happened, which means during the last couple years [since ICO frenzy] millions of fake and duplicate accounts were registered, and before the merit system was introduced, all these accounts have ranked up! I can bet you, not a single bounty hunter on btt have 1 single account, what does it mean ? it means less reach for your signature campaign, because when you maintain multiple accounts, you just do the bare minimum.

5- Altt gives you more exposure

We are a small forum and community compared to btt, but ironically, projects that post their bounties here get 4-20x more exposure, i'm kidding you not! And the reason is that on btt it is so crowded that it is difficult to get people intersted in your project, and unless you bump your post every 2 minutes, your post won't be exposed to many people. On btt within 2 minutes your post disappear in the 2nd, 3rd page, on the 1st page stays the projects bumping the post every 1-2 minutes !!! Thus a normal bounty, that does not want to artificially bump every few minutes, will go unnoticed. On our forum we have a much less aggressive approach, and due to our smaller community and the hunt on multiple accounts, such bumping rarely happens, allowing all bounties to get the exposure they deserve.

6- We care about your project

When bounties are posted on our forum, we help promote them, through twitter/ telegram/reddit etc ... On BTT they fight them, if they discover you are asking your members to bump your posts to get a bit more exposure, they delete your bounty.

7-We have a compensation plan to protect our bounty hunters

On our forum, if a project fails we protect our members by giving them our bounty token instead.

8-We take scam accusations seriously

On BTT, anyone creates a new account and accuses any project of being a scam; We have a separate section for that, and we make sure that accusers present valid arguments before labeling a project a scam.

In short, AltcoinsTalks is a better place to run a bounty, so why do some bitcointalk users complain, why don't they just join here and create an account and rank it up as well, which by the way many do.
The answer is that some btt users want to limit others from accessing bounties so that they can get a bigger share themselves [hint: merit system on btt] , thus if a senior or hero member is valued on btt just because he is a senior member, not because of the contributions or activity that is by definition an anti-meritocratic system.

Furthermore, all those that created fake and multiple accounts and ranked them up, rejoiced when the merit system came into place in btt, and do not want another forum to reduce their share of the bounty.


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