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Zygot ERP-The Next Generation ERP Software


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The invention and development of blockchain technology has continued to chart a new course for mankind. Before the invention of this technology, mankind had a lot of issues that needed urgent attention. we’ve witnessed a lot of changes in not just the financial aspect of the world, but also in our general perspective of life.
This post will focus on one of the next generation enterprise resource planning system (ERP) software known as Zygot.

What is Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP?) defines enterprise resource planning as the integrated management of core business processes, often in real-time and mediated by software and technology. This kind of system automates and helps the organization to gather, store, manage and interpret data from the many business activities.
Having an enterprise resource planning system also helps the firm have and maintain a database of their core values. It also helps them track their business resources, business commitments and aids the flow of information within the organization.
The Enterprise resource planning system software industry remains one of the multibillion-dollar industry in the world because of its importance and services it renders to business organizations.

What is Zygot Enterprise Resource Planning?

I may define Zygot enterprise resource system as a decentralized open source intelligent enterprise resource planning solutions platform that integrates the management of core business processes and uses the many advantages of blockchain technology.


How will the enterprise resource planning system be transformed by Zygot?

The importance of enterprise resource planning is enormous. Despite the good job that the available enterprise software has delivered, there are still notable issues that require urgent attention. Some of these issues include:

  • Adaptability
  • Data vulnerability (data leaks and manipulation)
  • Difficult Integration (lack of standards, and protocols)
  • Inefficiency
  • The high cost of maintenance
  • Trust issues

A lot of enterprise resource planning users have battled with these issues for a while and had no solution in view. These issues are some reasons Zygot ERP was developed. Zygot ERP uses the power of the blockchain to allow reliability, security, and data sharing across a p2p (peer-to-peer) network. Being on the blockchain also enables the tracking of transactions, improved privacy and efficiency, transparency, and trust in the enterprise resource planning solutions system.

Since Zygot ERP is on the blockchain, trust issues and data vulnerability are completely off the table because the data is held in blocks. Data held in blocks on the blockchain cannot be altered or manipulated. This is because the blockchain always provides evidence of every transaction.
Providing solutions to most of the fears of ERP users have truly transformed the enterprise resource planning system.

World’s first decentralized ERP market place on EOS

Zygot ERP is the world’s first decentralized ERP market place on the EOS blockchain.
Being on the EOS blockchain offers a lot of advantages which include:

  • It uses blockchain technology. This ensures that the solution is compliant, scalable, interoperable, flexible, secure and has a high level of privacy.
  • The smart contracts on the EOS blockchain allow strangers to agree on a trust-less environment.
  • The EOS blockchain is the most scalable blockchain in the industry because of its ability to process and scale over a million transactions per second.
  • Despite its scalability, transactions are instant and free. This will help users send and receive funds free.
  • EOSIO software is also a free-for-all derivations project.

The power of open source in enterprise

Having an open source enterprise resource planning platform enables users to request new features. There is a special joy that an individual feels when his/her voice is heard. Being open sourced also helps the platform to have good maintenance and sustenance rate. Developers are also free to go through the user’s dashboard and take on any suggestion that will make the platform better while getting paid from the aggregated coins from the user.

Enabling interoperability between companies with Zygot and EOS

One major advantage of Zygot is the Inter-operability where the software shares information between two companies and also allows a third-party application to integrate with the engine seamlessly.
One good thing about this process is that a third party can be given full access to the data. The company can also decide to give the third party access to tailored or specific data only. This gives room for data sharing and helps the growth of companies involved.

Transforming business intelligence with EOS and Zygot

Zygot brings a lot to the table. Its blockchain features provide the needed data security required by any firm. Its ability to share tailored or specific data with a third party makes it one of the best in data sharing. Zygot ERP offers the ability to create an immutable history timeline and simplified auditing. The scalability and speed of the EOS blockchain provide a worry-free environment for work.
Elimination of inefficiency, lack of trust, high maintenance cost and storage of data in blocks makes Zygot ERP the best way to transform your business intelligence.


Zygot has a utility token known has the Zygot token.
This token remains the core resource that powers the Zygot Enterprise resource planning engine.
Some major functions of the token include:

  • The Zygot token will fuel the smart contracts that are used as a mechanism for interoperability between different instances of the engine.
  • It will be used for the general governance of the system.
  • It will be used to unlock modules. Users will have to stake a certain amount of tokens based on the modules they want to unlock.
  • The total supply of the Zygot token stands at 100,000,000.


Zygot enterprise resource planning is truly enabling enterprise interoperability.
Using the blockchain has really given them a boost and set them apart from the competition. As, the first Blockchain ERP, I expect lots of development over time. I’d like to know your views about this awesome project.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are entirely my view and do not reflect the mind or view of anyone else.


I wrote this post and all its contents based on my experience, research, knowledge, and personal use of the Zygot platform.
Most images are from my usage screenshots, and I provided links to all external images where applicable.

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