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Robot Police in California Scanning For "Potential Criminals"


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In only a few years, we might come to see a growing robot police force in many countries worldwide. They are already working in China, India, Dubai, and around the United States too.

Whether to help guide traffic, or assist travelers etc, they're being tasked with a myriad of responsibilities.

In California, it's reported that a police robot has been busy patrolling the streets and looking for blacklisted passersby. It's scanning license plates, using facial recognition, and logging IP addresses.

It then alerts cops to the presence of any blacklisted individual that it might locate.

The security robot device, also known as the Knightscope K5, is referred to as an autonomous data machine and it searches the area for suspicious activity. It captures images of pedestrians' faces, license plate info etc, and has already been adopted by a police department in the region.

It's estimated that the RoboCop costs an average of $8K per month to run.

Who knows how long before more police departments get their own, we might see them scanning faces all over the country soon.

The K5 is designed to be able to differentiate between a harmless passerby and a 'potential criminal'.

All of the data that gets collected gets sent to the cloud for storage and later review. The data that is collected, such as the license plate, would be checked against a blacklist that would enable the machine to send an alert once there was a perceived issue.

The K5 is able to place individual smartphones, cars, and faces, on this blacklist and once on the list, if the individual or car etc is detected then that is when a message would be sent to alert authorities. Your average traffic stop could soon look very different, now that there are a growing number of police forces looking to implement these machines, drones, and other technology into their department.


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