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Legalization Won't Stop Black Market Sales


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Lawmakers have consistently repeated the promise that the point of legalization is to take sales away from the black market. But again and again, despite their efforts to bring a crony, highly regulated "legalized" market to the people, the people have repeatedly shown that they'd rather support the black market.

Even with the risk that allegedly comes along with that, from not knowing exactly what is in their products, because they aren't purchasing highly regulated items that have been processed through this web of scrutiny for their "safety". In many circumstances, they have shown that they are willing to take that risk, they'd rather spend their money elsewhere.

Right now, California is known to have the biggest legal market, and the black market is even bigger.

The black market still exists, despite lawmakers' efforts to squash it, in Colorado, Washington, and elsewhere, and in fact it's growing, despite legalization.

Canadians have also shown that they would rather buy black market products, despite the recent changes to the cannabis market, which many might tell you have truly made things worse for consumers in a variety of ways.

If you are looking for good quality, variety, and prices, then the last thing you need to do is get a highly intricate government web of violence involved in the marketplace.

When we do, we should not be surprised when we are left with unappealing and unsatisfactory results.

The reasons that millions of people continue to go back to their favorite black market dealers are varied, including dislike for paying taxes on the products and wanting to get a cheaper price, limited options at the dispensary, poor quality products, and convenience.

It's estimated that the legal cannabis market might reach $30 billion or more by 2023, but if you include black market demand it's estimated to be closer to $55 billion in the United States.

After almost a decade of legalization in Colorado, they're still struggling to crackdown on the illegal market, and I would say that this is an endeavor for which they should embrace defeat. Put those resources toward other activities, and stop trying to punish people, inflicting violence upon them for their peaceful actions.



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