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Today we have a great choice and an unlimited number of options, which is good but at the same time it is a big problem for us. That is why it is important for us to understand that our development should be based on our preferences and talents. I believe that you can notice a person with expensive suit, s/he looks influential and authoritative. The expensive suit takes you to prestigious status among your friends. When I’m saying expensive suit I mean of one that costs 5.000 dollars at least. If you buy expensive suit and you don’t have concrete knowledge that you can share with the people than you throw your money for nothing. If you think that you have enough communication capabilities and skills than the expensive suit are the right choice. Do you remember my story when I first started to wear suit, I think that you will have the same feeling when you buy a suit that costs 5000 dollars! In the beginning, I was taking care not to torn it and to keep clean. I was wearing that suit only in important meetings to impress my clients. I wasn’t even eating while wearing it so as not to get dirty. When I started to earn more money so I can buy a suit every month of at least 5.000 dollars, I started to go out in it every day. Naturally, I bought a few more suits to feel comfortable in front of my clients by wearing a different suit every day. My self-confidence increased; I started to wear suit, instead of suit-wearing me. I wanted to be an entrepreneur and business writer, I was driven by my desire to do so. It does not matter if you feel beautiful in a suit, it is important that you wear what is most beautiful for you.

What is the meaning of prestigious status for you; is that title or money? Someone loves the title and someone likes to live in the background, it all depends on your ambitions and desires. Having a title means that you are accepted by society and you feel better when people respect you. Everyone needs money to accomplish their ideas and business plans. If you ask me to chose between title and money, I will choose money because with them I can have both. When you have money everyone is respecting you, starting from family, close relatives, friends, to colleagues at work. Make the best choice for your environment because your development depends on the environment.

Wealth is a way of thinking immersed in the action. People will say when poverty enters the door than love escape through the window. What to say about the rest, for example, your wife leaves you because you don’t have money! I’m not saying that your family doesn’t love you! It is simple; even small children will look strange at you if you don’t give them certain toy. The money is good because only with them you can buy time. Free time is something that we want and to have free time we need huge amount of money or to have a private business. You can start doing the extra work you love and when your earnings go up then make business and quit your old job.

If you want to become rich then you have to think and work as rich. Rich people buy time. Poor people give their money on the lottery but rich people buy time. Rich people create chances and look luck in them. Poor people wait for a miracle to happen and always wait in line in front of the lottery shop or sitting in front of the TV to find out what are the lucky lottery numbers this week. How to make a better chance by ourselves? Think more about how you can provide additional income. Start from your environment; think if there are any old people who can use your services such as:

  • cutting the grass -
  • cutting hedge
  • buying things from the shop
  • driving them to the centre
  • taking books from the library

It is important for us to be creative, to do practical things that save us time because we need to do the right things that will take us to the top. If you have a big yard you can make mini-golf field and you can rent it to people. It will be funny and you will earn some money. What you think of organizing weekend tournaments in chess or cards for pensioners? For pensioners, this will be interesting because they will gain more friendships and I believe that every one of them can pay at least 20-30 dollars to participate in the tournament. Besides that, you should prepare some interesting awards and also free coffee and juices, maybe you should prepare some small sandwiches and still, you will have your profit. I’m sure that you asked yourself: why I need an expensive suit and prestigious status with these ideas? The real answer is that I didn’t have these ideas before when I come to level to have expensive suit my knowledge has developed to that level that my ideas start to have practical creativity. Exercising to write every day is a very important factor, the more we practice, the better and faster we are at writing. Habits make a big difference in the end result, work on your goals every day and the future will change.

It is important to train yourself in the way you feel best, it is important that you learn every day and explore new dimensions and opportunities for your development. The tie suit good on me – I have become an example for the others! The knowledge is always following you till the end of life. If you start to wear a tie very often you will get used to it and you will not notice it. Now we will talk about how to be a teacher and how to transfer knowledge to others. In the beginning, try to do small lectures. After a few years when you return to your first lectures you can see that you were the real beginner. Don’t worry about that because the first steps can lead you to big success. When you start your success, there is no way back. That is the law of inertia when you move from the spot than you start your movement. To be an example to others doesn’t mean only to be the example as a person but others to follow you. People love when we do not brag about aces, when we talk honestly and when our example looks natural and with a lot of confidence.

As we prepare each day to experience a revelation at one point, it is a glimmer of a new consciousness. You can’t become a leader in one night, you must enter a lot of effort and that effort must be profitable. Make view from the top of the mountain, but you must finish your work walking! When you are watching from the birds perspective, your power to see the things is higher; you can see what is happening down on the base of the mountain. Don’t go over your plans; watch carefully and start realization step by step. One morning a telephone call woke me; the director of one company came to my office earlier; it wasn’t opened yet so he waited in front of the door. I told him that I will come immediately and to wait a few minutes in the nearest bar. I dressed very quickly I didn’t want my business from 40.000 dollars to fall apart. Mistakes and missteps are part of every success, learning the most from mistakes is why it's important to get rid of fear and get started as soon as possible.

When I arrived he was already having his breakfast. I ought to be calm until he finished the meal and then to start a conversation. Everything was as I expected; I was only surprised by his comment at the end of our conversation. Do you always show up on a meeting with messy hair? I felt very uncomfortable and immediately run in the toilet to do my hair. It is good to be in a hurry but it is not good to forget your comb because you can do your hair even in your car. Every detail is important for leadership and professionalism, which is why 90% of the work done is good preparation.

Always have everything that you need when you are going to a meeting:

  • computer;
  • bookkeeping for meetings;
  • visit cards and advertising material;
  • offer;
  • pen (have more in any case);
  • personal things /outfit;
  • Another suit in the car if you are in a hurry you can put it on after the first break.

When preparing, it is important to think on paper, to tape everything, because in this way we will not leave out some detail that is very important to us for success. Always plan to do the things step by step, because you will reach the top very fast! With the knowledge, you can buy time, and with realization of your ideas, you can gain wealth. Wealth is an established order with a good mindset, positive thoughts, positive daily actions with great enthusiasm.


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