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The Virtue of Consciousness


5 months agoSteemit2 min read
Quiet wind pays attention to the modern senses of the free spirit, we are turned to the rapid changes of emotional reality. Following the feelings on the paths of happiness through the valleys of opportunity, the magnificent play of energy gives signals to our revelation.

Sitting at the pinnacle of discovery with the collateral failures of greed and ego, we are clowns in the role of the creator with intentions of self-interest. Change Yourself in the Game of Life and Look at the New Sky That Opens Paradise Oasis of Unlimited Potential, We Are Created for a Greater Purpose.

Information passes through the filters of consciousness as we roll the mosaic cubes in the love box, passion pushes us into missions of marvellous grandeur as we dream of the throne of happiness. We are winners with new habits, we see a bright future that opens new potential for us.

Beginning again to create an experience of honour and pure emotion, enthusiasm changes the mood on the wings of angels. Walking the right paths of challenging change through the molecules of truth and courage, we climb the sublime place of pure consciousness.


Original poetry written by @dobartim
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