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Secret of Love


6 months agoSteemit2 min read
Get down from the throne of shame and grab a moral bar of honest leadership, change the mind and anecdotes of the audience who believes in false truths. We transmit the vibrations of enthusiasm in every positive thought, we omit new secrets and feelings on the lips of the lady.

We run the themes of life essences and find interesting memories in the seed of the future, revealing the bare truths on the stone of wisdom and knowledge. We sit on forgotten beauties and create a mosaic of a successful career, we arrive at the next station of time education.

I took part in you and every new relationship was filled with your emotions, you became an icon of my life and love that lasts forever. We cross the oasis of sand and modern cities with feelings of sublime consciousness, we changed the rhythm of passion in love romance.

I remember the void in the solitude that was created after you, the empty heart and the great desire for your touch. I was also free and I sought comfort in other places, I made new acquaintances in the crazy parties and romantic lights of different cities.



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