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In The Embrace of The Past


8 months agoSteemit2 min read
Rain falls on the cheeks of our memories, you sit in the winds of memories as I search for moments of golden emotions. We follow the trail of feelings with the gentle colours of our love, I miss the magical touch of passion at sunset.

We travel in other people's visions and pursue other people's dreams as we seek the courage to take a step towards ourselves, you are a beacon of my intentions that shows the path of self-realization. You are here in my happy moments, you are an indicator of my mood.

Leaving the future in dreams of the past that fade ahead of the fast pace of time, you are the life of my heart that is never forgotten. We attack jealousy and envy in greedy successes, we are on the path of great change. Somewhere far away you now dream of the beautiful energies we felt, the winning enthusiasm always brings good news.

You know that love is a feeling that is attached to you, you know that beauty is a moment that is eternally alive in the fire of happiness. Following our heart on the lake of wisdom, experience brings new days that connect us in a mystical way.


Original poetry written by @dobartim
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