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I'm Following Your Signs


4 months agoSteemit2 min read
Decentralized will in limited materialism develops creative imagination to unlimited potential, we feel powerful and small in comparison with the powerful creator of the universe. Our free-will power chooses the fate we live, feel the beauty that sits on your desires.

Happiness has set the ambition of a wonderful art form of passion that raises us with the enthusiasm of wings with which we conquer distant projects. We follow your signs that lead us to the top of a successful career, you are a pure love emotion that gives us a sense of victory.

Make inspiring moves and my desire will feel the ultimate happiness in your touch, your eyes penetrate deeply into the essence of life-forms that lead us in the right direction. I made everything to become your own, the perfection of errors becomes our error of perception.

We start with a few top details of the love combination that sets us on the throne of excitement, the ecstatic sparks make the circle of our destiny with a mixture of reality and illusion. We are progressing with relationships that bind us to the magnificent heights of pure emotions of love.



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