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6 months agoSteemit2 min read
We put spices into life energy juices and mix emotional oscillations with scanty substitutes for true love, make a new choice of habit, and see the truth in the stars. Give me the hand of empathy and be honest with spiritual virtues, time passes faster than the illusion we live as a moral freak.

The dangerous game and the brave colours of the warriors dominate the world of leading career, on the front page we see unattainable idols and great stories about living myths. See how fast those who follow the principles of unscrupulous domination are moving forward, material success is blind for moral relations.

Run to a high position of thought and deed and make a plan for maximum life achievement, you are a being with the potential of choice and the magnificent emotions of love. We descend to the royal throne of the sublime category of powerful senses, you are the leader of personal success.

We follow the traces of the prophets and the scientific achievements of new freedom, in the frames, we set up images that bring a new glow in the wondrous light of love challenge. Straight dreams break the chains of reality and we live in clouds of mixed colours, wake up and realize your full potential of self-realization.



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