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Fire Emotions


last yearSteemit2 min read
Meetings of universal truth and energy of passing time bring a chance of realization with magical words of honour, moral norms forget the paths of our parties. The peaks touch new bans in the limited illusion of our desires, break the winds on parts of the truth, and demonstrate deception in rain tears.

Passion raises emotional waves in the icy veins of offensive chemistry, we break the stone borders at the free-will peaks. We come down to the pedestal of successful changes with emotional messages of love adventure, leaving the traces of the future on the lips of honeycomb challenges.

Once upon a time, happiness was in heavenly sources of wisdom, now we are left only in the synergy of divine grace. We listen to the voices of intuition in the creative formulas of subconscious codes, we make love choices in places of romantic reality.

We've got the fate keys in the challenging format of your marvellous beauty, your eyes are drawing stars at the throne of mystic traces. Emotion sparks awareness on the surface of electoral thoughts, the mind rules with the modern rules of blockchain gymnastics.



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