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Feel The Touch


4 months agoSteemit2 min read
Somewhere in us is the flame of eternal youth that shows us the paths of ambition and forgotten desires, we stand at the top of the challenges in the world of chances and magic events. To bring the best thoughts in a closed circle of love ideas, ideology disappears into the sea of ​information circling around our consciousness.

Broken wings of enthusiasm leave a sad memory on the island of forgotten love, we lubricate ourselves with the touch of hidden thoughts and send messages of gentle truth and passion. The prize comes with gambling manners of a brave heart, opening up for new waves of natural energy.

Someone invested a bit of luck and got the maximum performance from the fairy tale, we invested everything and we got pure emotions of sincere love. The hunter has found an intangible reality that can not be grasped with hands, we feel the stars falling into our field of mutual interest.

We follow the principles that connect us with other dimensions of wonderful emotions, we fly with the ambitions of passion and realize great plans. The purpose has become a utopia without the spiritual blessings of the universe, we live in a wonderful world of possibilities.



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