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Dreams About Your Beauty


4 months agoSteemit2 min read
Take on changing tactics in the accounts of victory that will lead you to mystical exceptions, every rule is a new thought that connects your heart and my feelings. Change the backbone of emotional reality and wait for the better moment that comes from the impulses of positive memories, we have made modern weather in the lights of the city.

I dream of your beauties with a honey-like flavour of spring, the day wakes up with your smile that creates wonders. A few steps to the goal leaves the impression of a major change in relationships, I feel really in the hot words that elevate us to the top of the experience.

The inspiration of our dreams becomes a moral victory of great passion that raises us to the pedestal of success, kisses and smiles act as a hot truth in the molecules of the universe. We are together in the pursuit of love perfection, the feeling of my vibration in the hands of blessing.

It's not enough to love you honestly, because our works speak more than words, we need to change in to make a few steps more in the direction of love magic. Look at the landscapes of a virtual future with the eyes of the winner and you will see the lying which becomes true.



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