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Broken Wings of Enthusiasm


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There are paradise and hell in us, and we choose the paths of happiness and abundance or the paths of destruction when the power of positive thoughts falls, we bring enthusiasm to the edge of destruction. Getting on the pillar of shame and failure if you do not know that you choose the right solution to a life's destiny, we are in the waves of changes that are made by millions of new decisions.

Cross the answers to the other side of the logic and see the new horizons of immense possibilities, your will is the power that comes from universal energy and therefore wakes up. The past and the future bring new choices between the power of dreams and the direct energies of life, devote themselves to the ultimate goal of change.

Glory is achievable and expensive because we forget the basic side of life, we are spiritual beings with a material mirror of desire that grow in a playful mind. Make a place for the divine emotions that bring us to the heavenly heights of consciousness, love is the secret of success.

Replace the wrong habits and let the light shine from your heart, you are a free being with an unstoppable capacity for development. Each step brings new dreams that grow on the tree of enthusiasm, achieving your goals step by step.



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