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last yearSteemit2 min read
In your character I see a shadow that has the value and relationships of friendship, I see opportunities that open up new dimensions of time and space for love relationships. Every detail is a new guide that leads us to wonderful parts of imagination, emotions rise to the level of the landscape above the shore of dreams.

The day begins with the taste of your lips that touch every part of my being, the night begins with the touch of enthusiasm and passion in the art forms of entertainment. You have created a wonderful space that connects the new reality and virtual parts of thought, this is insanity that gives signals of great emotional wonders.

Magnificent and beautiful in the light of the stars that follow your steps, the signs become the greatest secrets of wisdom that lead us to new revelations. We are crossing the boundaries of opportunity and doing it without interruption, we are imperfect copies of a free being within the boundaries of material nature.

In the world of abundance, the changes are frequent and inevitable, look at the sun that heats our thoughts and views. On the front pages, you are a familiar face that people want to see close to you, I know your big heart hiding behind false smiles.



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