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At the top of passion


6 months agoSteemit2 min read
The combined talents give the signs of prayer through the synergy of passion and virtue, the ambition becomes a fire on the lips of winning passion. We are destroying the boundaries of the virtual universe and turning away from the path of truth, looking for the centre of happiness and love inspiration.

The awakened world glides on morning energies, thoughts stroll around the heads of ambitious creators while we are making intellectual gymnastics. We listen to the voices of noisy visions and feel the direction of the intuitive paradigm of our heart, we move through a bunch of experiences and feel the void in the desires that have not been realized.

Your dance and movements of dance romance give strength to my wishes, you have won the perfection in my mind and every step is giving a powerful inspiration to passion. At the heart of desire, you only exist and true love, open to the power of perfect relationships in the emotional virtue.

Wisdom springs on the wondrous beaches of the subconscious ocean press feelings in places of joy until life becomes a party. We conquer new chapters of knowledge and convey the mystical wisdom to the next leaders, our audience tells us loyalty.



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