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Whiteiswhite Challenge Contest – Week 2


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hoar frost scotland.jpg
Image © Diane Macdonald. All Rights Reserved.

This is one of my stock images on Getty

Camera Used: Canon EOS 5D
Lens: EF28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM
Camera Settings: 1/125 sec; f/9; ISO 320
Software: Adobe Photoshop® CC 2017, Adobe Camera Raw

I did not have an easy task choosing the winners of the #wiwcontest for Week 1, but the three winners in no particular order are:




Congratulations to the three winners for Week 1!

The introductory post for Week 1's contest did not have enough SBD to share (only 0.626 SBD! LOL!) so I am using tipu to reward each of the winners 1.00. I will make a comment on something each winner posts on his/her own page along with a tip in SBD explaining the win. So @trulafountaine, @manorvillemike and @svarozich, check your posts later today! If you don't post today, then I will add your tip tomorrow, or when you next make a post! Congratulations again!

It would be great if you could upvote and resteem this post! The more SBD the post gets, the more next week's winners will receive!

To enter the CONTEST:

  1. Photograph an image with a predominance of white (one daily for each challenge if you like)
  2. Add the #wiwcontest tag to each entered image (#whiteiswhitetag not necessary)
  3. Upvote & Resteem this post,so that we can spread the word and earn some more SBD for the prize money. The more the post is worth, the greater the prize money will be
  4. Any donations for prize money are welcome

The WINNERS will be judged on:

  1. Technical merit
  2. A predominance of white in the image
  3. Being pleasing overall to the eye.
  4. Visual IMPACT

The three WINNERS will receive
An equal share of 50% of SBD from this post

IMPORTANT NOTICE! In order to take advantage of Anything Goes Sunday for my own weekly posts announcing the winners, the CONTEST will now begin at 12:01am EST on Sundays and end at midnight EST on Saturdays. I will announce the winners in a post on Sunday afternoons after this week! Feel free to shoot an Anything Goes image for any day this week!

The explanation and rules for the #whiteiswhite challenge can be found in this post

Monday: White Photographed Against White
Tuesday: Animals
Wednesday: Flowers
Thursday: Food And Drink
Friday: Architecture
Saturday: Water In Nature
Sunday: Anything Goes

Thanks for taking the time to read this! I appreciate it.

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