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How P2P leasing helps keep Steem decentralised


5 months agoSteemit2 min read

Over the years, countless ways to earn money through STEEM POWER delegation have emerged on the Steem blockchain. Upvote services, curation groups, vote bots; they all promise liquid STEEM or SBD in return for a delegation.

The problem with all these options is, that it centralises previously decentralised STEEM POWER, defeating the whole point of a decentralised blockchain.

DLease differs from other existing ways to earn through delegation, because you don't delegate to a single bot or service, you delegate to actual users.

Everyone can put in a request for a STEEM POWER delegation, choose their own APR they're offering, and wait for someone to fulfil their lease request.

In the snapshot above, you can see 3242 ongoing leases, with 49 leases still waiting to be filled! The available leases alone equal over 40,000 STEEM POWER combined.

The P2P STEEM POWER leasing market is booming, and rightfully so.

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