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My Introduction Post


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Hello everyone!
Let me introduce myself to you all I’m Dion, am from Nigeria.


I am really glad to join Steemit Community and being able to finally have the opportunity of getting to introduce myself. I’m excited to start posting & sharing some of my blogs and connecting with the Steemit Community.
I want to use this medium to thank Steemit, Inc. for "steem" Though am new in this community, to me Steemit is more than just a community, Steemit is creating a global village of informed people any Steemit user can literally create content and get paid on like before when I have to post to BlogSpot and share the post on Google plus and Facebook so I could get users on both platforms to click on my post with Steemit just create original content and get paid is that simple.

Wow I felt blessed when a friend told me about Steemit platform, that I can stream games on DLive, I really like the fact that I get paid when I stream on DLive is like getting paid while having fun.

It feels good to be here finally.

My favorite Steem DApps I have found interesting that I think will help me get stated are @esteemapp, @steempress-io, @steemhunt, @dlive, I have already join this DApps Discord Server.
Here is my discord Username: Dion66#9991
Please do comment other DApps and Discords servers that will assist a newbie like me here on Steemit, Thanks.



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