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How To Participate In APR Presale

The price of an APR Masternode during presale is 1.3 BTC for 1 Masternode/3,000 coins. This is roughly . 00043Sats each APR. This type of presales are the same as the pre sales of ICOs, the only difference is that mainstream ICO are bigger projects with bigger teams, hence the need to get more funds.

APR will have real use and apart from being Masternode/Stakin has several incentives for holders/people who invest in APR thinking long term. I will buy 2 masternodes of APR. Find the instructions below in case you decide to participate in the presale.

  1. Join APR Discord Here:

  2. Contact the main Dev: APR KING#5732

  3. Tell him that you would like to buy 1 Masternode and that TheKinGeeK#8321 send you. (You don't have to buy a full masternode, you can always buy fractions of a masternode, 100 coins, 200, etc. Minimum is 100 coins.)

  4. He will give you instructions on where to send the payment in BTC, after you send give him the hash ID and your main email as they will send you the receipt and add you to the list of private buyers. When they release the official wallet which will be on Linux, Windows, and Mac then they will contact you again and send your masternode to your APR wallet.
    Note: I will buy 2 APR `masternodes, just like Fornix is a currency which is useful in the real world and on top have a good marketing team and large community, these 3 things are essential because if one is missing, doesn't matter how good the project is, without 1 of those 3 things, crypto projects don't go too far.

APR Use Case:

The coin’s fundamental purpose was to be an accessible MN POS currency for it’s stakeholders to generate residual income in exchange for securing a strong network. Having 5 reward programs that are implemented at progressing milestones is deliberate, so that those who secure and speed the network through holding are rewarded over time. Since POW is not implemented, and the rewards reduce in amount over time, the life cycle of the coin is increased and hyperinflation is reduced. This is critical for future implementation in its real world applications.

The APR Team will be targeting many real world affiliates for the coin in the Loyalty/Points Programs realm of retail and e-commerce. This is due to the fact that the coin generates rewards for long term holders through an innovative total of 5 means (detailed in WP). Hence, it will act as the entirety of the affiliate’s loyalty/points program and may be also used to conduct instantaneous and secure transactions and purchases.

APR Main Site:
APR Whitepaper:
APR Forum:

Disclaimer: I'm not a financial adviser, not a professional trader, and nothing I say is meant to be a recommendation to buy or sell any financial instrument. Don't invest money you can't afford to lose. Alwys do your own research.


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