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OnePageX Exchange - Built with Simplicity and Privacy in mind

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Centralised exchanges have being at the fore front of the value industry when it comes to cryptocurrency. However, it is surprising to know that out of the 209 exchanges available, only the top 10 exchanges controls more than 80% of the market share. This means that the other 199 exchanges share less than 20%. This is the summary of the power play within the exchange industry and is affecting the main commodity for the transfer of value, the cryptocurrencies due to low liquidity on most exchanges

Apart from this, there is an equal tendency that an average trader wont be able to trade his crypto asset on an exchange with sufficient liquidity due to the difficult point of entry and tough regulatory policy on most of this top exchanges coupled with the fact that available markets on present exchanges are restricted to mostly BTC, Ethereum or USD pairs.

In general, If there was ever anything that frustrates customers or users of most exchanges even more, it is the need to release their personal information before they can conduct trade on the platform. It breaks the rule of decentralisation outrightly and this needs to be fixed asap else the consequences can be far reaching.

A peep into the Near Future

In the near future, the internet of value will be based on an economy that is all built on a platform of trust. While exchanges will keep their place as the medium for value transfer, there need to be some changes to fully drive a trustless economy starting with protecting customer's privacy.

I guess a new exchange is embracing this belief and chanelling new ways to conduct trades easily without putting customer's privacy at risk since they dont keep custody of it in the first place.

This exchange although new is taking a bold step in that direction. At this point, let me introduce you to OnePageX


What is OnePageX

OnePageX is a new exchange platform. It is a one page platform just like the sound of the name and has a simple built user-friendly interface to allow individuals make trades easily without putting their identity or privacy at risk.

How Does it do that?

It is able to handle transactions in a trustless manner because they don't require any user information or neither do they store funds for their users unlike centralised exchanges demand. Users only need to follow these 4 steps outlined below to make transaction easily from start to completion via a single interface

Make a transaction in Four simple steps

Visit OnePageX website

Step 1 : Pick an asset to convert to.

Make a selection from the 140+ cryptocurrencies available

Step 2 : Enter a withdrawal address.

Enter a Valid address you wish to receive your asset

Step 3 : Click “Start Exchange”

Step 4 :A card will appear with a deposit address. Simply deposit to that address and you are done.

Note : Presently, only BTC is available for deposit. However, changes will be made as time goes on and more markets will be added including the Steem market as well.

Know the status of your transaction on OnePageX via cards


Unique Features of OnePageX

  • No Signups, No Kyc

This is a rich feature of the exchange as anybody can easily trade his digital assets easily in a trustless manner. Since there is no need to submit their information for any activity, this means that trusting a third party with their privacy is totally out of the equation.

  • User-friendly Interface

As evident above, all transactions can be done in a few clicks within a single page. Which removes the need to be opening many tabs and causing confusion in the process of making a trade or an order.

Important Info!!

OnePageX is offering 0% transaction fees for the rest of 2018!

That’s right, trade without any fees! We are happy to bring this to our users so that they can give us a try!

Traders can easily make mistakes of placing a wrong order on an exchange due to the complexity of the trading tools. On OnePageX, it is almost impossible to have this scenario

  • 140+ Cryptocurrency

Just like I mentioned in the introductory part of this article that most exchanges have a limited market for cryptocurrency which is affecting the overall liquidity of many coins.

An exchange like OnePageX will encourage the creation of new markets between different pairs of currency as they seek to integrate other currency along side BTC as the deposit currency. Steem is also being considered as well.

  • Price indexing Engine

Because the OnePageX trading engine is integrated with multiple exchanges. It has the ability to index the best offer and make a better deal in real-time

  • No need for address regeneration

Once deposit address is generated once, it can be re-used multiple times to make a transaction.

Onebox Widget

Onebox widget is a turnkey solution for embedding OnePageX on your website. You can easily do this by copying the provided code inside the Onebox link into your web template. Source: OnePageX Website

  • A simple review of how to do that below

Copy sourcecode and put into your web page


There you have it! Your Onebox widget


It is mobile and desktop friendly!

What to look Out For

OnePageX is relatively new and there is a lot of modifications that I suspect would be happening in the coming weeks. So be sure to stay up-to-date with this project and get your bags ready to buy from the new collections of tokens that would soon be listed on the


OnePageX exchange is unlike other conventional exchanges out there. It rich feature of privacy should prove attractive to some people.

However, I think they might not be ready yet to win the market but constant improvement and modification to the platform will prove the exchange to be quite useful even though simplicity is much desired as well.

Use Case

  • High Leverage trader*

Mike is a trader and sets himself a target of acquiring large assets before the end of the third quarter but now time is closing on him. He doesn't feel the need to upgrade his account by uploading important informations which the exchange he uses are requesting for because of security concerns. Obviously his low membership level place a daily trade limit on him which means he is not able to meet his target

For him to boycott this procedure. He could easily use the OnePageX exchange to acquire the assets he needs easily without needing to release his information in the process and because there is no limit on trade, he can acquire as much as possible as he wants.

Trade-Related Informations

  • Transaction status


  • Speed of transaction


However if after an hour, your transaction is not yet processed; Please send an email accross with your transaction details and the matter will be looked into urgently.

  • Fee Structure


Feel free to check for more details about OnePageX below

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