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What i did yesterday? First day of my WFH (working from home) experience


12 days ago2 min read


Hello, friends!
Today i went to my office and working cause it was my schedule to work from office today. But yesterday was my first day experiencing work from home and i would like to share to you about this experience.

Like when we work from the office, before 8 am we used to report about each of us location, by sharing the live location on whatsapp in the work group chat.

Yesterday morning, I encountered a problem with my old notebook, cause the adaptor cable was in trouble. I had already checked it last night, it was still working well but yesterday morning, it was keep turning off cause it was not properly connected to the adaptor :'.


I would find a new cable, but i still had a back up plan, using my android to handle my working yesterday.

So i started to work by using my android. But at around 11 am i got hungry so we ate a brunch, an early lunch.

At 2pm, i was hungry again. haha. I just realised that working from home made me more hungry. So i ordered martabak online.
Here how it looked like.


The crispy one tasted savory with beef inside. The crunchy crispy on skin but inside was soft and savory. Tasty!


While the sweet one tasted sweet with chocolate and cheese filling. So delicious!


Then i worked again until i had to send my work to my manager via email and then i did my hobby, drawing. I made and then colour a cute unicorn and a girl which i posted yesterday. You could also see the steps on my yesterday's article below

At least i could have more time to do my hobby when i work from home. Today i also needed to send my report of WFH to the deputy director, but i don't have to worry cause all well done (even my picture also ;))!


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