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A lightweight band ...can carry tons of memories


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Hey Steemians,

my week in Bangkok was a lot of fun and a fair amount of useful informations
I carry my Steemit wristband aka band with so much memories. Even during my last week business meetings the colorful bracelet was sneaking out of my clean white business shirt to show of. I saw some funny looking business people who tried to figure out that message.... ;-)

On my way back to cold Germany, while arriving in Frankfurt, I had a look to my bracelet and the tons of positive memories this little wodden piece is carrying. In this emotional moment I took this picture to add that words later on.

steemfest4  the band 1.png
the SteemFest 4 wirstband with @detlev - please feel free to re-use this picture

Best read while listen to the Post SteemFestic Blues playlist by @gandalf on Youtube

Yes, I was there...

As being from Europe, a trip to Bangkok sounds fun.

And it is fun if you look for the temperature and the people and even for the great Thai food.

On the other hand, it is a nearly 24h journey by several planes and a nice time difference, wich keep shaking up your body. It made me wake up in the middle of the night at a hotel room while thinking:

Where the heck I'm here and why?

Anyway, SteemFest4 was again a great learning and even more a wonderful way to connect with people who are in the same mood but from different locations of this planet.

SteemFest 4 was a blast
The community
was celebrating himself
and seems to be the most powerful
community on the blockchain

The family picture

At day two around noon we joined all together to have this nice picture with the whole SteemFest family.

friendly borrowed from @roelandp - an his SteemFest 4 - memories from a minivan

From a fair amount of people on this picture I found the Steem handle / Steem ID as I had the chance talking with many.

I know I may forgot somebody, so please leave me a comment and I add you to this lovely list of SteemFest 4 attendees.

The SteemFest 4 list by @detlev

@martibis @lizanomadsoul @derangedvisions @vaelriey @waybeyondpadthai @elizacheng @arcange @anomadsoul @elipowell @blocktrades @aggroed @starkerz @theycallmedan @firepower @sjennon @aishwarya @varunpinto @wandereronwheels @gandalf @preparedwombat @dmitrydao @livinguktaiwan @ace108 @dylanhobalart @louis88 @buzz.lightyear @gamer00 and Leo @steemrollin @bubke @howo @aggroed @lukestokes @starkerz @misslasvegas @anyx @jeffjagoe @bitrocket2020 @goblinknackers @slobberchops @dylanhobalart @vandeberg @gerbino @robinron @justinw @vandeberg @andrarchy @roadscape @revisesociology @celestal @poezio @nainaztengra @cryptospa @joannewong @joythewanderer @liliana.duarte @rmach @travelgirl @andywong31 @khimgoh @drov @surpassinggoogle @kaerpediem @jarvie @justinw @valentinepudding @obold-djawa @osavi @osavi @wandereronwheels @varunpinto @wanderein @vesytz @crimsonclad @superoo7 @awesomianist @jaki01 @zlatan-spielberg @fitinfun @grampo @gengua @karinxxl @cryptobrewmaster

Let me know who is missing....

Det in da Tuk Tuk

Being in Thailand means riding a Tuk Tuk at least some time. See me enjoying my ride in a Tuk Tuk and have a look to my other post with that little video where I just arrive in Bangkok

The Water Taxi

Bangkok and it's horrible traffic. To go by taxi through the city might take a lot of time as the roads are packed. Even a Tuk Tuk is not much faster, as it runs on the same street.

So on some routes, there is the chance to use one of the water channels and get a ride with a water taxi. This is cheap and a lot more fast and even a lot more fun.


We did a fast ride to the venue of day one and as you see it was a lot of smiling faces.

Steemit Inc on stage

The management of the Steemit Inc. was giving a lot of news and several insides to the actual status of the company and the upcoming features.

The main information was the soon arriving SMART MEDIA TOKEN - SMT, the upcomming communities with Hivemind and the cost saving activities of the company.

For myself, I really enjoy the - nowadays way more open -communication of the Steemit Inc Team, which is for me a part of #newsteem and all the positive changes. The whole team was in Bangkok and we all enjoyed speaking to them


Proof of Hug

What a cool idea from @arcange to have all of us in a challenge where we have to show a proof of hug during SteemFest.
See him in action with @roelandp on stage at day 1


The family in the garden

The location of day one, the Siam Society, had a very nice garden where we enjoy our lunch. Thai food is so delicious and there was a lot time to chat to each other.

friendly borrowed from @louis88 - an his SteemFest 4 post

Visit to the temple

On the way to the evening activity we had the fun to enjoy a very special place, the Wat Pathum Wanaram in the middle of the busy shopping area.

Bowling evening

Since the bowling evening at SteemFest 3 in Krakow this fun activity seems to get a tradition.


Luckily the German team won again.

A lightweight band ...can carry tons of memories

At day 2 we went to onother cool location. The grand postal building in the heart of the city.
steemfest4  the band 2.png
the SteemFest 4 wirstband with @detlev - please feel free to re-use this picture

The day 2 was taken place at the grand postal building


The Grand Postal Building

This building location is close the to many of the well known top hotels like the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, wich was for years the best - most expensive - hotel to go. I never did this but many years ago I had the chance to stay there for the Christmas diner.

The new CryptoBrewMaster game

See @rollie1212 and his great idea of a Beer Brewing game. We will support this cool game during the next few month to bring it to the steem blockchain. See more at the blog of @cryptobrewmaster

A speech about the fun

Us usual there is a last speech which ends the official part with all the speeches and all the information of the SteemFest


It was a honor to @detlev to be the one who has this last speech since a few years and you see my video about this here starting after 13823 seconds.

Sure there where some questions

Again a few good questions after the speech from @lukestokes about crypto and the law.

The gif fun

During the evening at the river we had this lovely setup to picture some cool gifs.

A lightweight band ...can carry tons of memories

steemfest4  the band 3.png
the SteemFest 4 wirstband with @detlev - please feel free to re-use this picture

A quite Day 3 with a beery night

After two very intense days with so many impressions and talks, I had to sleep a bit longer and had to use the nice pool at the hotel.

UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_bde8.jpgDuring the morning we did the last orga stuff for the evening activity - the #BeerSaturday out in town with many steemians.


Since the SteemFest 2 in Lisbon this tradition is celebrated on the Saturday of SteemFest.


There could never be enough time for discussion with other Steemians. See some more fact at the post about the #BeerSaturday invitation

... and the we celebrate our life being a Steemian.

A part of our group taken by louis88

Have a great day
JOIN the BeerSaturday
and steem on!!

The "Steem Bridge" metaphor

On my way walking around the hotel together with @louis88 we saw this bridge and in some way it remind me to the actual situation of steem.


The whole thing is working already,
but while being active
it gets a lot of updates
to be a really productive
bridge/blockchain platform.

Anyway, SteemFest 4 was great, I was happy to went there and I see a positive future for Steem if all what is in the pipeline will be delivered in quality.

@Detlev love steem

JOIN Steemit #BeerSaturday

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