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Vitalik is a genius

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Vitalik Buterin, the genius of the ethereum blockchain, one would wonder just how he was able to create such a gigantic decentralized and open operating system seemingly out of nothing.

He has been a computer and programming genius since he was young, that, along side tye fact that his father helped him out, has been his greatest push towards blockchain tech.

This 24 year old man, is someone that many now aspire to become today after all his accomplishments.

His work on the Ethereum blockchain has directly led to the creation of several smart contract platforms like neo, stellar lumens, cadano and the one that we all know the most the eos blockchain.

The amazing thing about vitalik is that unlike many people in the blockchain space today, he does his work not for the money, but for the advancement of the human race.

Of course no one can really know what anyone else is thinking about, but vitalik built the Ethereum blockchain for the specific purpose of it becoming the new wave of operating systems, the new wave of cryptocurrency with large scale uses that can be helpful in the real world today.

Today that dream has led to the creation of an asset that is collectively worth more than 5 billion us dollars in the open market.

Vitalik is a character that many do not resonate with, on twitter he has been constantly bashed as being childish, supporting certain things that may not be right in the eyes of the majority of the people and basically many say he still has a long way to go if he wants to change the world.

I personally admire people like vitalik, dan larimer , people who can change the world in the future.

Especially when it comes to free markets and austrian economic systems.


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