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Getting Free Booster Packs and Upgrading Cards for More Wins - Steemmonsters.

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11 months agoBusy2 min read

How have I been building up my monster and summoner cards on Steem Monsters? Simple. With the newly introduced quests you have the chance to win a free booster park with 5 free cards, one being an epic card, once you fulfill the conditions of the quest.


The quest involves winning ten battles using a particular Splinter. It is not as simple as it sounds though because after every win you receive points that increasingly push you into a higher League. That means you get matched with stronger opponents with upgraded cards or stronger monsters who will beat you every single time.

I got my ass handed to me when I was playing a quest with the life splinter. I got matched half of the time with the fire and death splinter and got torn to shreds every single time. Expect something like that as well. However, going up in the Leagues is not all bad since you get a free booster pack.


How to Upgrade your Cards Consistently.

While the free booster packs can be of great help when you want to upgrade your cards, using the market place is absolutely crucial to leveling up if you are short of Steem and SBD.

What you can do is, identify the cards that you don't really need and put them up for sale to generate some revenue. You can use the current market price to help you know how much you can charge for the cards. Once they are purchased use the revenue to start upgrading a couple of cards. You can later sell the upgraded cards at a higher price for a profit and use the new funds to buy new and better cards.

It takes time but it is effective based on my experience. I power up all my posts 100%, therefore, that is the only way I generate liquid Steem and SBD.

If you would love to get into Steem Monsters, feel free to use my affiliate link to sign up. Full disclosure, I will get a commission whenever you make a purchase in the market which will help me upgrade my cards and grow my Steem Power further.

Thanks for reading, and till next time keep on Steemin'.


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