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The Cicada 3301 Expose | Sophia Music and Thomas Schoenberger


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Today is the Day, The long Cut of the Expose on Cicada 3301.

We are going to find out who is behind the puzzles, some of the back story on each of the people and the weird connections that have been delivered to the world. It seems that Thomas St Germain was behind the Cicada 3301 puzzles as early as 2012. He and a team of people created it to find people help him do thing online after enticing them with everything associated with it. I spent 2 months in Texas living with the guy and discovered He was selling it out under everyone's noses, Thomas Schoenberger is the name.

It seems he's had a large footprint online that paints him as a highly skilled piano man with some bad dealings in music due to a bad partner. It seems they got into a major online war and both guys ended up doing some down right crazy stuff to each other. If you remember a lot of the "solvers" have also been known to be tricksters doing some rather chaotic things to each other. You can google his name and see quite the story painted on the guy and the man reason for this "privacy" push. He wants to be a ghost with no trace and he seems to really thrive on sewing chaos into the world.

I was at first pretty happy with how things were going after I first met the guy but I made sure to really get a feel for him and asked a lot of questions. It always seems like he had some information or knew somebody that had the information. He was always trying to ego boost me and asked me to make videos about things. It's strange that some of these other characters popped up with him and I made a note of them. Later on I find out he's posting on alts for most of it, buying subscribers on my channel and more. It's crazy all the little things he did to make sure I stayed on the puzzle and reacted very badly anytime I would not wanna do something, which was very often. Things really got weird with this business that I was suppose to be a partner in that ended up going all into his pocket. I got some money but never what we talked about and there was always an excuse as to where it went. When I finally stayed with him for more than a week his real sides were show. I finally could here all the stuff he was doing, I could see the things he was working on and I was literally in the belly of the beast. I could not believe all the things he was running. I saw he was actively trying to mess with me while i was in the next room and then would deny it.

It came to a head when he pulled me into the thing with AIM and I knew he was setting me up from the start to take the fall for this Qanon thing. I believe he thought I was going to stay quite and let the thing happen. I decided to leave Texas out of fear for my life when I discovered this deal with sony was going threw and he was making the cut happen. I tried to call him and get business going but he completely blocked my calls and just keep telling folks the plan to take me down. It was sad to see it happen but at least I understand how to fix this.

We find out everything from the creation of the puzzles and where things have gone from the beginning. We see how his skills fit into the puzzles and the other people that actually created them. We also talk about the PGP thing and really how the puzzle evolved into the new animal. At the end it was always a group of musicians and scholars with CIA training looking to find more people to help with the cause. Will we ever hear from Thomas and get his side of the story?

He was the guy the send that Qanon Email with Monty McGovern Attached.
Worked on the Cicada 3301 Puzzle
Behind many 4chan Psyops
Ted Crew is Zodiac Killer

It will be a wonder what tomorrow will bring. I wish him the best and hope he gets what he is looking for.

You can find him online at Sophia Musik a channel he calls the greatest puzzle ever.

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