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Online expose day 1 for 2 qanon and Cicada 3301


2 years agoSteemit2 min read

It's finally the start of the expose on the cicada 3301 thing. Too many things happenedand this is honest the most live I have been on something like this for a while. My days were always numbered and I feel it's only right to make the move forward to fixing these problems. I'm exposing the guy that is been behind many of the weird things happening in my life and the people that are associated with them. It's heartfelt and horrible to have to do this but I said I was going to finally give the clarity people where looking for and made my way into the books as the guy that did the thing no one else could do.

Thomas was an interesting character that had a lot to say about the world and a very careful way of putting things. It's always about the bottom line with this guy and it seems he's got different things he can tell you about something for days. When I went into this journey I knew it would be rough and I do really love the guy. He's a talented musician and seems to really love his kid. There is a lot of chaos he's sewn into the world and to many times I have I caught him lying to me about things or just parroting information I gave him like it was his plan all along. Things where not sitting right and when I got the information that him and another party were selling Cicada 3301 out to a corporation I was finally ready to jump. I really didn't want it to go this way but he's been dodging my calls and basically doing everything he can to make me look back due to my impending revel. Well it's happening and I'm making it very clear and to the point. I shed a tear for him because I thought he was really going to be my friend and when it finally counted it made it clear what his game was.

I forgive you Thomas and I hope you make your way into something better that will get you the money you need to get your son his schooling. It's the writing on the wall bro that the gig is up and it's time to focus on getting healthy and stable.


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