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Friendly Passed Away ~ RIP Sweet Little Cat


25 days ago2 min read

It is with great sadness that I tell you that, Friendly, my sweet little cat passed away on Saturday. Friendly got her name because she was quite possibly the sweetest and friendliest cat that I've ever had. She was born outside from a feral cat but very early on endeared herself to us. I like to say that she adopted us and once we took her in she became a part of our family for a little over fourteen years.


I feel as though it has been even more difficult for me as Friendly was not only a member of our family but she was also like a good friend to me. When I had surgery a while back Friendly stayed by my side which was a great comfort since I was alone at times. She pretty much was always by my side and would lay her head on my arm as I would type up my posts. If she wasn't right on me then she was very near by.


I kinda' feel like the "hits" keep coming at me lately. Losing her has been hard on me and I think it will be hard for quite a while. I really miss her so much already. I firmly believe though that I will see her again when I pass on and that helps me to cope a bit more. I love you my sweet little Friendly cat and you will be in my heart forever! 💞




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