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Deep Dives 16 | Jeffrey Epstein - Black Books, Sexual Blackmail and Child Prostitution | Winners Announcement (60 STEEM)


6 months ago5 min read

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Well that escalated quickly...

Almost 2 months ago, Deep Dives launched DD16 following the arrest of Jeffrey Epstein on federal charges related to sex trafficking. Prior to his arrest, there was very little discussion of the Epstein case in the legacy media, aside from Julie Brown's "Perversion of Justice" in the Miami Herald. That all changed beginning in July of 2019, when there was an explosion of articles and information about the Epstein case in both mainstream and independent media. Furthermore, DIY reporting from internet sleuths has also spiked as the details of Epstein's predatory pedophilic activities and his vast criminal network came out of the shadows.

Due to the literal avalanche of stories and information swirling around Epstein and his co-conspirators, not to mention the bizarre and improbable 'suicide' of Epstein inside of a maximum security prison, @deepdives decided to prolong DD16 as the Epstein narrative unraveled in real time.

DD16 and Epstein Research Goes Viral

This round of Deep Dives also included several experimental tweaks to the research challenge in hopes of helping content creators reach a greater audience. The decision to include the #epstein hashtag, alongside the #deepdives tag, was intended to identify potential entries into the research challenge but proved to be problematic.

First, no one could have predicted that the Epstein case would blow-up in the way that it did and the amount of articles written on the subject was truly mind-blowing taking on a life of its own. As research into Epstein extended well beyond independent researchers, #deepdives became part of a much larger popular movement to uncover the truth surrounding the case.

Second, due to the viral interest in the Epstein case across platforms it became increasingly clear that there could be no realistic expectation to have content creators and consumers to take notice of the modest contributions by the #deepdives research community.

With interest in the case reaching a fever pitch, many noteworthy articles and videos were produced on the topic using a wide variety of tags - #news, #dtube, #politics, #3speak, #epstein(fill-in-the-blank), etc.

In hindsight it would have been better to end the challenge in late August as originally planned. We apologize for this miscalculation and lack of communication about the results of the contest.

Deep Dives 16 Winners

As mentioned above, a ton of great research and sleuthing has been done in connection with the Epstein case over the last several months making very difficult to select three specific articles above all others. Therefore, it's been decided that the 56 STEEM prize pool for this round will be divided evenly between the three top contributors to #deepdives/#epstein research:

@ura-soul - 20 STEEM
@theouterlight - 20 STEEM
@krnel - 20 STEEM

These three Steemians have consistently produced high-quality research and analysis of the Epstein case and we would like to recognize their great work.

To appreciate their ongoing efforts, visit the @deepdives account which has resteemed many of their contributions to the investigation.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the DD16 research but more importantly to the research into the vast Epstein criminal enterprise!


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DIY Research Success

Although DD16 became a run-away train in many regards, the overall interest in DIY research as well as the power of crowd sourcing was on full display. Amazing research into the Epstein case has come to light.

Some of the most profound research on the Epstein saga has come from the phenomenal research of Mint Press News writer and researcher -

Whitney Webb

Her series is nothing short of an investigatory Juggernaut.

Since, publishing her four-part Epstein series and several spin-off articles tying the Epstein case to the infiltration of Mossad and Israeli Unit 8200 alumni throughout the Tech industry, Webb has emerged as the pre-eminent expert on the Epstein research. The Chile based reported has also been in high demand in the podcast circuit to breakdown the octopus-like Epstein entanglement with: Intelligence operations, ties to organized crime, arms dealing, sexual blackmail operations, sex-trafficking, money laundering, financial crimes, political elite and even Iran-Contra,

Meticulously sourced, her investigation into the history of sexual blackmail and all its tentacles is truly a work of genius and she deserves much praise for her efforts.

Predictably, while her research and knowledge of the case is in high-demand in independent media circles, her work is being completely ignored by mainstream outlets. Not surprising since it's there job to serve and protect the status quo and their corporate masters.

Personal Note from @v4vapid

As the driving force behind Deep Dives, I think it's my duty to inform the community that I have gone through some major changes recently and have experienced a difficult and prolonged re-adjustment period through the better part of 2019. As a result, it has become increasingly difficult to uphold my commitments to the project - curating, upvoting, commenting, judging, producing content etc.

Despite these challenges, I would like the community to know that I have every intention of continuing the project but there may be a longer wait for the announcement of DD17.

If any members of the community would like to lend a hand to the Deep Dives project please reach out on Discord or leave a message below.

Much respect, V


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