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Steemitachievers' Discord Channel Live Contest #1: DocuBlog + Winners


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With so much love and support from my #steemitachievers family, I hereby declare it to the Steemit world -

It was definitely a successful live contest!


steemitlive contest.jpg

Just this February 10, 2018, 8pm PST, the Steemitachievers' Discord Channel Live Contest-Logo Quiz successfully transpired with the help of our two beautiful sbd prize donors: @junebride & @lebron2016 and of course with the special participation of the active #Steemitachievers members!


So here's the docu story....

Before the game started, I posted on the Steemitachievers' discord group channel the rules of the game and catered some few questions from the participants. And one hour before the call time, I noticed that there were only a few #steemitachievers who were online. But when I started giving some trial logos, steemitachievers' messages been puffing around like Koko Krunch!! And then the excitement started spontaneously.

The live contest started exactly 8:00 pm PST, with some few trial logos to give the participants the warm up. And with the given trial logos, there were some who enjoyed the warm up and there were some who felt more anxious lol. Even me who is the one hosting the game felt a little restless and of course, excited too.

When I noticed that lots of messages been popping around the chatroom and as many #steemitachievers went excitedly amused with the contest, so then I added one rule to the game. I instructed them that once the game is starting no one will be typing messages that are not related to the given logo, in short, no other topic will be discussed when the game is starting already. And it's so good to know that all of them followed my instructions. It felt like I'm their class teacher at that moment LOL!

After I have given the five trial logos on the easy round I then started the official round of the game. In which the easy round was composed of four logos with a winning prize of 1sbd per participant.

The Winners for the Easy Round


After the easy round, I have noticed that some participants have issues with regards to the internet connection they have and they cannot immediately load the image I sent to them. There were others too that were more anxious and displeased as they try their best to compete with others who were using laptops and computers at their house because it's more convenient and easy to type the answer when laptop and computers are being used. Nevertheless, steemitachievers' participants who were using mobile phone literally survived the game with the used of their powerful the flash thumb.

On the medium round, I still did give the participants three trial logos before the medium round started. And this round each winner received 1.5sbd per correct logo. And I reminded them that a participant can only win once in the easy and medium round and may able to play again in the hard round.

The winners of the medium round with a prize of 1.5sbd


After the very agitating two rounds, the contestants requested for a 10 minutes break, to give them some air and others did a short run to the bathroom too because the game was too electrifying. And after the 10 minutes break they again requested for some trial logos. The hard round was consist of five logos, the final round ended with five winners with a prize of 3 sbd per winner.


And after the hard round, I never expected that they will request some more logos to guess. Too bad the total prize intended for the game was only 25sbds and I don't have any other extra logos too.

Nevertheless, everyone enjoyed the game, especially the winners LOL! And surely this game will never be the last steemitachievers' discord channel live contest , because there will be more upcoming activities to all the #steemiachievers!

So here are the winners of the Steemitachievers' Discord Channel Live Contest: Logo Quiz together with their total prizes.

logo quizz.jpg

So, after the very breathtaking live contest the
#Steemitachievers ended the night with a very CHILL PLAYLIST by DJ @ishanvirtue



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