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The Queen of Hearts


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The Queen of Hearts.png

It was one of those things you see only once in a lifetime.

She was on a viewscreen, part of a conversation I wasn't part of.

The ambassador had learned to speak the queen's language, but I had not.

She had a pleasant voice, though, alien, but still feminine to a human male's ear.

She reminded me of my mother with her silver-flecked Afro puff piled high and proudly into the air – in the queen it seemed to be a kind of energy emanating in waves from what I took as her head.

This was not her image, actually – it was the best our computers could make of her appearance when she communicated with human visitors to the star system she ruled.

She did seem kind – a benevolent ruler. It seemed too that the ambassador was enjoying his conversation with her.

I was actually just bringing an engineering report to the captain, just passing through the bridge.

It was one of those things you see once in a lifetime.

My mother was ticked when I called home.

“Well, I guess I raised you to know a great lady when you see one!” she said. “Extra points for the queen's choice of energy-hair style!”

“Yes, Mom, for sure. Tell Dad I said hey, and let him know we're heading back toward home now.”

Another striking rendering and zoom out of the fractal of the week -- zooming back in for the last one ... with some double vision!


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