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Sorry, Didn't Mean to Interrupt Anything


Didn't Mean to Interrupt.png

When you are a long way from home and miss home, you see strange things, and when reality strikes, you see stranger things.

I was working at the embassy on a world far from Earth where life was not possible on the surface – it was all underground, and the light and heat came from the planet's white-hot core.

How I missed sunshine and rain, and flowers, and springtime in this year of work!

One good day I saw at a distance something in a cave-room far off in my commute, something that looked like white tulips shining in the spring sunlight.

My mind knew better, but my feet were on their way before my mind even caught up.

I bent down in the hopes of seeing and smelling that vision of home.

Well, you see it.

Two of them looked at me in synch, with that look that said “Get lost!”

“Sorry. Didn't mean to interrupt.”

I knew better. It's hard being homesick.

The last of the amazing "Double Vision" images from this fractal of the week in Apophysis!


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