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Day 672: 5 Minute Freewrite: Friday - Prompt: raking leaves


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It was the season just before the season of raking leaves...

Late summer... after work, even after a drive, there was still time for Captain Hamilton of Tinyville, VA and Captain H.F. Lee of Big Loft, VA to take a twilight walk.

One would think, in the wake of all that had happened in Lofton County after the Gilligan House Burning, that the two men who had given official shape to the stand against terrorism would have much to say to each other.

Not a word was spoken. Late summer spoke … the sound of the low-running creeks, murmuring softly of the soon coming of change … the rustle of the wind through leaves just bearing a touch of gold, rubbing like fine paper threaded with silk, brittler here, softer there, or blowing softly around fruit ripe and ripening, a round sigh of longing for the sweet bounty at hand … the song of the crickets and snapping of cicadas who knew not that the change was coming, but kept their own urgent rhythm … the song of evening birds, which both captains could have named but did not … the zipping buzz of dragonflies, catching a meal on the wing, the deeper hum of the nests of yellow jackets and bald-faced hornets, best left alone, of course … the still deeper hum of honeybee hives, the last foragers coming heavily laden home …

Mrs. Hamilton was slow-cooking that day, which gave occasion for her husband and his cousin to have their walk … they both gave her a kiss, the husband on the lips and the cousin chastely on her forehead.


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