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How would your ideal utopian society look like?


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I think everyone has their own opinion about what an ideal society would look like. I do have several points that would only be possible in a very advanced civilization that has not yet existed, and with advanced I mean in a moral sense, not in a technological sense. Basically, I do think that the more voluntarily each of the transactions and interactions involving individuals, the more advanced the civilization is in the moral sense. Because what is a modern civilization is not an elegant way to free man from men, to use similar words from one of Ayn Rand's famous phrases "Civilization is the process of setting man free from men."

In my utopian society, taxes would be voluntarily and there would be a smart system to quickly filter those that wish to not receive services from the state. These individuals would not pay taxes but in return will not receive state services. This would be especially useful for services such as public education or the welfare state.

Forcing people to fund these services when they don't want or don't plan to receive them isn't moral. Therefore, people would be able to choose which taxes to pay and receive the corresponding services. Probably most people will pay taxes to fund services such as the police, and emergency services in general. What I would consider ideal is the fact these funds would be transferred voluntarily so "tax" wouldn't be the proper term. The option to make donations or pay "taxes" that fund services you will not receive will be available but it would be voluntary and hence, moral. People who don't want to support a war with their tax money wouldn't be forced to do so, people who don't want to support a welfare state wouldn't be forced to do so neither.

Blockchain technology, or a future and even better iteration of the same concept would be used to prevent politicians from stealing tax-funded money.

There would be freedom in all senses. Censorship of opinions/ideas/thoughts, preventing people from giving their talks by threatening violence, the current cancel culture, among other totalitarian attacks against freedom of speech and thought wouldn't be culturally tolerable. Violence might only be used in self-defense, and insensible/offending words/opinions/thoughts/tweets aren't violence.

People who live in free countries and prefer other countries that aren't free would simply move to those nonfree countries instead of trying to destroy freedom in the countries that enjoy it. I am sure you know the type of people I am talking about. In our current world, people who prefer free countries and live in a nonfree country do the impossible to move from their nonfree country to a free country. The opposite case never happens but in my utopian society, it would. Everyone would live in the type of country they prefer.

These are the points I can think of right now, but I believe there is enough info about how would my utopian society look like.

I wonder, how would your ideal utopian society look like?


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