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SPEAKING SPANISH | Language project by @DearW Ep 4: The Blockchain.


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Hello, dear Steemians.

I hope you're doing great.

Welcome to episode #4 of the season, today, we're going to learn 6 terms related to the blockchain in Spanish.

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  • Blockchain = Cadena de bloques.
  • Blockchains pl = Cadenas de bloques

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  • Cryptocurrency = criptomoneda
  • Cryptocurrencies pl = criptomonedas

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  • Exchange = Intercambio
  • Exchanges pl = Intercambios

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  • Trading = comercio

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  • Delegations = delegaciones
    In Spanish there is no noun "delegator" but a verb "delegation".

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  • Wallet = cartera
  • Wallets pl = carteras

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That's all for today, thanks for watching. Please, let me know your opinion about this project and if you liked it please share this post with your friends.

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¡Chao, chao!

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Special thanks to @Madefrance and @Chamerada for helping me to get things done.
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