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Announcing the Re-Launch of D.Buzz (micro-blogging for HIVE)


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Relaunch of DBuzz.PNG

After taking a time out and re-grouping, today, our team is announcing the re-launch of our micro-blogging web application, D.Buzz!

Let's talk about D.Buzz 2.0

  • Simple to use.
    It's again possible to logon to D.Buzz and "Buzz" your short messages and communicate with your friends on HIVE. All this in the intuitive format that is fast and easy to learn.

  • The community spoke, and we listened.
    With this update, we listened to the community, and have disabled the Twitter-to-HIVE reposting feature. After all, this project is here to benefit the community and to grow the HIVE!

  • Coming soon…
    We are actively building a much-requested HIVE-to-Twitter reposting feature as well. With this, users will be able to automatically share their Buzz's to Twitter (Prioritized after we finish adding HIVE Keychain).

  • Doing more to ensure a Spam-Free Platform.
    We want HIVE to be great. In addition to disabling the Twitter-to-HIVE feature, we took our community outreach one step further. We consulted with @guiltyparties and other members of the community who fight abuse.

DBuzz Sample.jpg

Together, we decided to re-launch with Rewards activated under the following settings:

  1. Twitter-to-HIVE features entirely taken out of our Dapp.
  2. Max_accepted_payout for Buzz's set to $1.00.
  3. Decline Rewards on the 8th Buzz (and later Buzz's) per day.

These steps are intended to prevent abuse (i.e. "Farming") and should ensure that users who would otherwise need to avoid our Dapp, could use it without experiencing the inconvenience of being "over-rewarded" for a short Buzz on the blockchain.

Lastly, there have been some discussions about @mahdiyari of Hive.Vote and @holger80’s auto voting service adding a feature to their projects where users could exclude certain communities i.e. the D.Buzz community from their daily auto votes. This feature is not yet confirmed. However, it is something we support and we’ll report on it once there is news.

Stay tuned for more updates about this!

D.Buzz: Let’s affect positive growth together.

We would love to invite you to join us on D.Buzz again and to try out our platform. As shown, we value constructive feedback and want to become a success story of a Dapp whose development is guided by the wants and desires of the majority.

Thank you Buzz-ers, 😀
Time to get the Buzz on.


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