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→ What Does a Nuclear Bomb Blast Feel Like?


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“When the flash hit, you could see the x-rays of your hands through your closed eyes.”

So begins the video which talks to former British soldiers—Atomic Soldiers—who were deliberately exposed to the blasts of nuclear weapons in the South Pacific to prepare them for nuclear war.

Wow.... just wow. I had no idea. I'm no fool: I can easily imagine governments doing this. But I didn't know it was a reality. Knowing a government is capable of doing this and cynically believing it possible is one thing, but hearing the truth that it actually happened is another. The video says 20,000 British soldiers were thus exposed. I'm speechless.

In the video the men the share what the blasts felt like and how they were affected, medical problems that arose, not being able to have children, and so on. They were told nothing. Certainly not the truth. "Except don't look at the flash". And then they were exposed to nuclear weapons.

It is interesting to hear their experiences, but the idea a government would willingly do this to their people is beyond horrifying.

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