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Joe Martinez is a pinsetter, a person who repairs and maintains bowling alley equipment. It is a dangerous job, but one he loves.

Ask Joe Martinez to show you his fingers, and you’ll see how dangerous it is fixing bowling alleys. On his right hand, Martinez’s middle finger is sheared clean off at the outermost joint, the result of an accident while fixing the complex machinery that kicks into gear after each throw of the bowling ball. But that won’t stop him.

“My difference that I have with other mechanics is my passion for it,” he said. “I love what I do with these machines.”

This is a fantastic video from Motherboard.

edit: unfortunately steemit doesn't support this video. Yet another thing Steemit doesn't support... sigh. Oh well. Follow the link and watch the video there. It's worth it.

LINK: The Bowling Mechanic Keeping America’s Favorite Pastime Alive

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