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Beware His Cleansing Fire :: Beautiful Japan #91

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Fudō-sama is one scary looking dude. But he has a good heart.

Watch out for Fudō-sama. He'll help you on the path to nirvāṇa, but that sword and fire makes it look like it might be tough love.

Actually his name is Fudō-myōō, 不動明王 in kanji, but you will hear most Japanese referring to him respectfully as o-Fudō-sama. In other Buddhism, he may be more familiar by his Sanskrit name, Acala.

Fudō-sama is a pretty popular figure. He is said to protect us all by burning away all impediments and defilements, aiding us towards enlightenment.

Sometimes in Japan you will see him near a symbol हां, pronounced kān in Japanese, which is the Sanskrit symbol that represents him.

I found this statue at a Buddhist temple hidden away in a small forest on a hill in an otherwise busy area. Funny what you find in the cracks, so to speak, in Japan. This is one of my favorite things about the country—the temples and shrines hidden where you least expect them.

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