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Travel: Kyrgyzstan at it's finest


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I showed you Ala Kol for a bit in latest movie @dtube. It was so sensational that I can't stop writing about it. In this post how ever, I want to show you more of our trip in Kyrgyzstan hoping you understand how beautiful it is.


Ala Kol

Climbing the mountain showed us how nature changes when you reach a certain highed. This might be normal for you, but living in a country flatter than a piece of paper, these steep mountains learned us that nature has different faces and all sorts of views. Down here I'll show you a bit of what we saw along the way.

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Animal market

My wife and I didn't know where to go next till our guesthouse host said there's a animal market in town that day. I cant say that I've ever seen a market quite like this. Animals are very important for the Kyrgys people because they use them for so many things. Everybody is able to ride a horse, that is because they start horseback riding before they can even walk. These are some photo's of the animal market in Karakol where they sell horses, sheep, goats, cow's and accessories
Click on the photo's to enlarge them

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Same old new

Southshore of Issyk Kul Lake

After we left the animal market we planned to ride west following the southshore of Issyk Kul lake. On route we discovered a few touristic spot where you have to stop.

First stop:
7 hills isn't maybe not that interesting but it was gorgeous for just being there. No need to pay and no need to drive hundreds of miles extra for it, it is just there and my camera loved it.

Same old new
Same old new

Second stop:
The waterfall of Barskoon is a spot where you have to stop the car and take 15 minute hike to reach the waterfall. It is about 15 meters high and it was nice to freshing up a bit. We stayed there for a while and moved on to our next stop.

Third stop:
Fairytale canyon Skazska was maybe the best stop that day. You have to pay an entrance fee of a blistering 1 euro per person to see all this. My wife told me this canyon has a story. "They say", there's was this dragon who loved a woman so much he did everything to mary her. She declined and he cursed the cities in that valley. They say the water of lake Issyk Kul are the tears of the dragon and the dragon is still visible in the fairytale canyon and turned into stone. What do you think? Can you see the dragon?

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