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I cant stop glorifying God for his love towards me

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6 months agoSteemit

His word is real

who speaks the word and it becomes , speaks life upon dry bones, rises you from dust to grace, whom can you put your trust in and remains faithful in all days long, That man is called Jesus christ of nezareth, who died and rose again after three days believe in him He will do for you, He is a consuming fire.
He cant let you feel desperate, he turns lives around, He quenches hearts and delivers souls, He is able and glorious, just always allow him to take the wheel, He will drive you to your destiny, His directions are always positive, always open up to Him and he will reign in all that you need, Holy ghost i love you, He has brought many from far and He has given them joy, peace, wealth, life and many many more, Daniel 6 tells us how Daniel was thrown into the Den of lions but He manifested and the lions couldn't manage Daniel, in Ezekiel 39, he promises the isrealites that will burn the weapons of evil for seven years ooooh Holy is his name, no man can outstand His ways, great is the Lamb.


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