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how i make $1000 a month with cryptocurrency airdrops the guide to success.

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Before I start with the tricks on how to make $1000 a month with airdrops you need to know how airdrop works and what it really is, so airdrops tokens are what new ICOs and cryptocurrency use to get huge social media followers or subscribers.

They will pay you to follow or subscribe to there social media you will either receive it in the ERC20 token or you might just receive it in the ICO value. each airdrop usually worth about from $1 to $200 or even more. some times you might be asked to do KYC which is just like verifying your identity.

So let get started with the guide.

Stay updated
The first thing you will have to do is stay updated to new airdrops, they are a lot of airdrops websites that will update you on the latest airdrop an example is

GO for legit airdrop
They are a lot of scam airdrops available, I noticed they are usually telegram bot, which might not be even official, I am not saying all telegram airdrops are a scam but you still need to verify if it is a real airdrop so you won't waste your time.

Use your referral link
I know yes not all airdrop have a referral program involved. so you still need to share your referral to your social media account or even tell friends if it has a referral program. I made about $100 a month with just a referral link.

Go for high paying airdrops
yes, some times the highest paying airdrops limit some certain country and location and you will need to do KYC but it is worth it.

Be consistent
If you really want to make money with airdrop the major thing is being consistent, always do about 1 to 2 airdrops daily.

have patience
Most ICOs takes about 1 to 2 months before you will receive your free tokens. I am just saying this so you will not get discouraged and stop going for airdrops anymore.

Get a ETH ERC20 wallet
I don't mean get a normal ETH address just like the one on the Coinbase, the ERC20 token address can be used to receive airdrop tokens, the trust wallet which is Binance wallet support this ERC20.

Airdrops are great ways to start making money in the crypto world just follow this guide and you will be able to make a lot of money.

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