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Magnitude 6.9 earthquake in Indonesia, 82 deaths in Indonesia


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Within a week, earthquake shocks again in Indonesia. Seismic earthquake measuring 7 on Richter Scale hit Lambok Island in Indonesia. So far 82 people have died in the quake. More than 100 people have been injured. This has caused huge damage to the houses of many local residents.

The epicenter of the earthquake was 10.5 kilometers deep in the northern part of Lombok Island. The magnitude of the earthquake was so severe that it felt only for the Jaguar Islands. After earthquake, around 24 to 25 mild shocks were felt in the area and after this earthquake experienced the effects.

There is also the possibility of tsunami in Indonesia and the surrounding areas after earthquake. Therefore, the administration has urged citizens to take care of them. The highest casualty of the quake was in the town of Lombok.

Indonesia's Disaster Management Planet has said that thousands of tourists stranded on Gili Island have been safely rescued.

In the previous week, there was an earthquake near Lombok Island in Indonesia. The same 12 people had lost their lives.

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